Amazing Properties Of The Lavender Oil On Free Radicals

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "lavender oil"A few years back, scientists have discovered free radicals. These are tiny substances that come from the environment, especially from toxins and pollution. They destroy our cells and make the immune system weaker. Nowadays, some scientists even believe that free radicals are responsible for aging, but this isn’t proven. On the other side, there is only one solution for treating this problem. As you may know, the solution is antioxidants.

Antioxidants are normally enzymes, produced by the body. Although, there are a lot of different types, SOD (superoxide dismutase), glutathione and catalase are the most important ones. They are a natural defense of the body against free radicals. Sadly, poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle affect the ability to produce these enzymes. As the end result, our body is far more immune to the free radicals.

Free radicals damage the cells, as we mentioned above, but they also prevent them from regenerating. The bottom line is that cells eventually die and they cannot be replaced. Smokers and obese people suffer from this issue even more. In addition, people who are exposed to toxins have even worse side effects.

Natural antioxidants

When you purchase lavender oils you will get the best and the safest natural antioxidants you can possibly have. Several studies confirmed that lavender oil is rich in antioxidants and it is more than just useful against free radicals.

The first study was conducted in China, where researchers discovered that lavender oil will increase the antioxidant levels significantly. This benefit will last up to 22 hours after taking the lavender oil.

A study conducted in Romania found the same results. Lavender essential oil should be inhaled for 60 minutes. After that, your body will increase the levels of the all three, aforementioned antioxidants body produce. Keep in mind that these three are essential tools in defense against free radicals.

There were several other studies that were conducted and all of them obtained the same results.

The bottom line is that as an antioxidant, lavender oil is superb and probably the best alternative you can find. Of course, let’s not forget that physical activity and healthy diet should be used as well.


As the result of all studies that were conducted on this matter, doctors and scientists recommend using lavender oil as a natural antioxidant. It is safe, it has no side effects and it is more than just affordable. In a matter of fact, you can even make it all by yourself. The bottom line is that this essential oil should be used. It also has numerous other benefits, so we must add that lavender oil is truly remarkable.

A separate point must be added due to the amount of lavender oil that should be consumed. Keep in mind that only a few drops are needed and it shouldn’t be ingested. It is the best choice to use it to inhale or to rub it on the skin if you want to experience specific benefits.